Delivering digital change

Focussed on early and continuous ROI

At Triad, we have mastered the art of digital change; thinking big and acting fast while focusing our clients on early and continuous ROI. We are also obsessed with getting projects over the finishing line.

Because we believe you shouldn’t have to wait months or years to see working software, we are experts at delivering working software in incremental releases.

Following withdrawal of support from a technology supplier, Triad had to re-engineer and improve a mission-critical application for a parliamentary body in a compressed timescale.  The solution was delivered on time and passed stringent security checks with flying colours.

A national policing organisation needed to develop a proof-of-concept using Agile methods to secure support for a full roll-out.  Triad navigated through complex infrastructure and organisational challenges to produce a fully working model that demonstrated the art of the possible whilst also showcasing the benefits of an agile approach.


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