Building Digital Capability

Expertise: Building Digital Capability

Closing the digital skills gap for our clients.

Each assignment gives us the opportunity to enrich the digital skills of our clients and their teams – and that’s something we are passionate about.

For one of our clients, a major Central Government organisation, we developed a comprehensive knowledge transfer programme that enabled their in-house team to take on the development of a new digital service rather than having to depend on Triad for continuous improvement.

A global consultancy client of ours developed a new platform for engaging their supplier base.  Not only did Triad successfully hand over the new system but we also helped to recruit new client personnel to support it.

For a leading player in the geospatial market Triad successfully placed three technical directors, jointly charged with expanding the company’s client base across Europe.

Case Studies

Every experience is part of a journey to deliver you improved consultancy services. Experience is the best teacher.

All of our assignments benefit from the knowledge we accumulate from prior work and the wisdom in how it can be made relevant and applied to your needs. Our aim is to ensure that our clients remain efficient and competitive through the use of technology. What makes us different is that we are intently focused on delivering you the right solution.

Case Study - Justice Organisation
The Electoral Commission
Case Study - Global Aid Consultancy

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