A Finance Director in my shoes, by James McDonald

In this series of ‘In our shoes’ blogs, Triad Finance Director James McDonald talks about everything from working in an agile environment to what makes Triad different.

How would you describe your role?

I love my role because it’s a hybrid role, and not typical for a Finance Director of a Plc. The traditional side includes taking responsibility for the finance operation, owning the statutory responsibilities of being a Plc and performing a front-facing role with shareholders. I also manage the operational support team. They help recruit our new talent and do a brilliant job, which is important because we are growing, and we can’t compromise on the quality of the consultants we hire. Also, because we are a consultancy, I am involved with the bids we enter and the contracts we sign.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The variety. I enjoy the bread-and-butter stuff combined with a people-facing operational role. That plays to my strengths because I have a recruitment background, and I enjoy the pace that having a range of responsibilities gives me. Like many of my colleagues, I work in an agile way. That’s important because, in a consultancy, there are lots of relatively small decisions that need to be made, but each one can have a significant influence on the business’s financials, and they all require varying degrees of attention. Additionally, it’s knowing that I’m playing an active part in Triad’s growth and success.

Triad’s goal is to transform through technology. Since working for Triad, how have you helped improve people’s lives through technology?

Everything we work on benefits the greater good. From project managing mission-critical projects for the MoJ to helping the Met Office make the world a safer place, through to the transformational work that we do with private sector clients. I can’t think of a single client where we haven’t made a significant difference to their organisation.

What’s your superpower?

Endurance. I have a running background and a strong will to win. This combination helps me to attack every small decision as if it’s the first one I’ve had in a while.

Marketing spin aside, what do you think makes Triad different from other IT consultancies?

The family feel of our business is significant. We have a tradition of everyone working together to deliver a brilliant product. And it’s the quality of delivery that clients talk about the most because we have talented people who can deliver, whilst also leaving something extra for the client at the end.

If you have a question for James McDonald or the Triad team, please get in touch.