A Test Analyst in my shoes, by Olakunle Olasope

Triad’s Olakunle Olasope explains why critical thinking is important and why it feels good to be putting technology into prisons.

How would you describe your role?

As a Test Analyst at Triad, I am responsible for thoroughly testing software applications and systems, identifying defects or issues, and working closely with developers and project teams to resolve them. It’s not without pressure. My role is critical in delivering reliable and high-quality software products for our clients.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

That’s a tough question because there are lots of things about my role that I enjoy. I am currently working on the MoJ In-cell project, which is a programme designed to bring digital services into prisons. Perhaps the best bit about my role is the satisfaction of knowing that my work has enabled technology to transform the lives of prisoners and staff. This brings a sense of fulfilment and purpose to my job.

What’s your superpower?

Ha! Superpower?!! Well, if I have one it’s probably my attention to detail and ability to think critically. It’s my job to identify even the smallest issues in software, ensuring that they are resolved before they become larger problems.

How do you see Triad differently from other IT Consultancies?

I think that Triad’s leadership team is superb. They are in touch. They have a clear vision. And there is a company culture here that fosters inclusivity and a sense of family. There are good vibes!

It is a positive and supportive working environment. I think that this unique atmosphere sets Triad apart from other IT consultancies and I enjoy working here.

How does Triad support professional growth and development among its employees?

Triad is well-equipped to support the professional growth and development of its consultants. There are ample resources available for skill enhancement and career advancement. And we are all encouraged to think about our personal development opportunities.

If you have a question for Olakunle or the Triad team, please get in touch.