A day in the life of a Sales Consultant, by Ed Duval

Triad Principal Sales Consultant Ed Duval talks about everything from being the first leg in a relay to how Triad has changed since 1998.

How would you describe your role?

I’m the first leg in a 400-metre relay! My job is to identify opportunities for Triad within the central government. That involves everything from working internally with our consultants and bid team, through to networking with central government decision makers.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

I enjoy everything about my role. It’s really varied and every day is different. I am fortunate to meet interesting people who can talk to me about their technology goals and aspirations. I get to see how the work that central government bodies do can literally be transformed through technology.

In most cases, the ultimate beneficiaries of new technology within central government are us, the UK general public. Triad have helped make it easy for UK consumers to report unsafe products. We have helped create systems to keep the government in check with some of their carbon reduction targets. We also project managed a programme to install technology into UK prisons to connect prisoners with their families and access a range of services to transform the way that prisons operate, whilst giving prisoners vital digital skills in a controlled and restricted way.

My involvement comes at the very beginning. I am far removed from the strain of delivering these strategies under pressure, so I have enormous respect for the people within Triad and the central government who make this happen.

I’m also part of the Tech UK Central Government Council, representing 400 tech companies.  As part of this, I am responsible for building relationships within the government to highlight the advantages of engaging with UK technology suppliers.

You joined Triad in 1998. How has Triad changed since then?

I joined Generic, an IT recruitment company that was wholly owned by Triad. And yes, it was a frighteningly long time ago! Over time, the business became fully integrated into Triad, and we have since changed our business model to a rapidly growing consultancy business. We now have over 130 incredible permanent consultants to place within our ongoing projects. So, we have completely changed. We now have some incredible case studies from the Public, Private and Third sectors. We’ve matured as an IT consultancy and have a high level of confidence in our ability to partner with organisations that want to use technology as a tool for change.

What’s your superpower?

I don’t like giving up, and I want to win every bid. I grew up in a typical 80s-style sales environment. I think that the will to persevere and win is inherent in my personality now. But it is easier to be tenacious when you believe in what you are promoting, and I really believe in Triad and the team we have here.

Marketing spin aside, what do you think makes Triad different from other IT consultancies?

Probably that Triad is different! We continually surprise our clients, by delivering what we said we would, and then some more. Our directors vet everyone before they start working for Triad, and they have a very high bar. So, we are starting from a base with lots of brilliant people.

Culturally, we care – a lot. We’ve always delivered on what we promised. Our clients come before Triad. Our consultants are skilled at fighting the client’s corner. For example, they mentor junior civil servants and will go out of their way to ensure that our client organisation has the skills to deliver what we have left, long after we have gone. Our cultural mantra of leaving something extra behind makes a real difference.

If you have a question for Ed or the Triad team, please get in touch.