Case Study

Building a documentation and geospatial project management system for Dalcour Maclaren

Triad helped Dalcour Maclaren move to Agile development during the design and delivery of its first, unified client project, documentation and geospatial management system. Read how Triad achieved self-service goals, cloud migration and reporting functionality for Dalcour Maclaren, which have significantly increased customer satisfaction while reducing scheme timings to the financial benefit of both Dalcour Maclaren and its clients.

About the client

Dalcour Maclaren is a private sector surveying company who act exclusively for the utility and infrastructure sector. An ambitious and growing mid-sized organisation geographically located across the UK, Dalcour Maclaren support the delivery of complex property management, land access and associated professional services across a multitude of stakeholders and contacts.

The challenge

The original schemes management system was hampering growth, increasing reputational risks and lacked automated reporting. In addition, scheme information and customer communications were store in several locations, including folders on a shared drive, without the ability to readily share data in a comprehensive and collaborative manner with clients and other stakeholders.

“The redevelopment of our schemes management database was incredibly important. Working with Triad enable us to convert and continually improve many of our aspirations into easy to use process management tools that create a competitive advantage from day one.”

Andrew Roberts | Project Sponsor, Dalcour Maclaren

The solution

The new CONNECT solution was conceived to deliver a significantly enhanced client experience across project  and document management, coupled with self-service usage and an innovative cloud-based infrastructure.

This new system supports current business growth, broadens the services portfolio available and significantly reduces the potential for reputational risk – ultimately delivering stretch turnover targets.

Working collaboratively to Dalcour Maclaren’s brief, Triad recommended a Microsoft hybrid cloud architecture to make best use of the licenses and their existing on-premise solution, with a clear migration path to allow CONNECT to be migrated fully to the cloud (PaaS and Docker) in a later iteration if required. A single repository that combines Office 365 SaaS (SharePoint) with the flexibility of an on-premises Microsoft.

The result

Within a technical roadmap based on incrementally moving to the cloud, CONNECT is the first and a significant step; architected to be fully transferrable to Azure, either using PaaS or Docker.

Dalcour Maclaren were impressed by the completely transparent approach to development Triad adopted, enabling them to develop confidence in Triad quickly alongside a greater understanding of the new system and in-house skills to support future developments. The new, highly automated system saves time and costs from the moment a new schemes is set-up and throughout its delivery, promoting client self-service and the highest levels of transparency. An improved UX saves everyone time and improves the quality of all engagements.

Triad have delivered, with Dalcour Maclaren’s in-house team, a clear competitive advantage based on innovative architecture with cloud-based elements offering inherent flexibility and cost efficiencies to support future growth. The service went live successfully and is viewed as being a successful IT project by Dalcour Maclaren and has achieved very positive user feedback.