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We don’t just walk away when you go live!

As we help our organisations to “shift left”, increasingly support, operations and maintenance is built out from within the development cycle.  Our aim is to transition clients seamlessly into support mode, without the need for a complex knowledge transfer exercise.

Triad has supported for many years the quotation engine it developed for one of the world’s largest suppliers of insulation materials. Whilst stable, the engine has undergone a number of enhancements during support, continuing to delight the customer with its ease of use.

For a number of years, Triad supported the day-to-day operations of a Government agency. We provided desktop, server and firewall support as well as undertaking ad hoc projects to upgrade infrastructure.

For the last 10 years we have been a trusted provider to one of the UK’s largest banks with our team of specialist contractors helping to support a high volume 24/7 bank processing environment.

Case Study - Justice Organisation
The Electoral Commission
Case Study - Global Aid Consultancy

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