Software development and engineering

Our engineers build software that works, and works well and we understand what it takes to turn code into product. And our engineers build software that works, and works well.

We build robust working software in a way that enables rapid, incremental enhancement – vital to organisations that need to react fast.

We have outstanding skills and experience of AgileblockchainGIS and Microsoft’s PowerPlatform.  We have developed our own blockchain implementation designed to accelerate the assessment and development of Blockchain as a platform. Plus a suite of geospatial products on the Zubed platform, providing fresh insights to clients by using geo-location as a new dimension.

On behalf of clients, Triad has developed a number of products to access functionality at a lower cost than bespoke solutions. For example, using the Scrum methodology we successfully delivered two digital products across a series of sprints to a Government department who needed to replace some obsolete services in a very short space of time.  A continuous integration framework allowed us to pump out incremental improvements without compromising software quality.

For a Central Government client our highly skilled team of automation engineers built an advanced platform designed to easily on-board new digital services from a multitude of suppliers using containerisation methods based on Kubernetes.  Fully automated deployment and underpinned by a host of monitoring and alerting routines, each service is fully managed from inception.

So, whether it is a cloud-based solution running on Azure, the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), on-premise or a hybrid of cloud and on-premise, our experience with open source and open standards helps deliver software faster for clients. Using open standards we design for integration with existing technologies and cloud services so that a solution can be released far faster than when built from scratch.

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