Programme and Project Delivery

Service: Programme Project Delivery

When it comes to getting projects over the finishing line we can’t be beaten.

Our 30 year heritage has helped us understand how to deliver projects and programmes on time and within budget, without compromising on business benefit.

We transformed the way in which the courts worked in a major European country, moving from paper-based, off-line working to real-time decision support and recording of sentencing decisions.  A new digital experience that created operational efficiencies whilst improving accuracy and speed.

A long-standing client, responsible for overseeing elections, needed to make significant changes ahead of a general election.  Triad delivered an innovative and effective solution on-time without cutting corners or overlooking user needs.

Triad has a team of delivery professionals helping to deliver a transformational programme into a national policing organisation, which will enable new levels of inter-force co-operation.

Case Studies

Every experience is part of a journey to deliver you improved consultancy services.

Experience is the best teacher. All of our assignments benefit from the knowledge we accumulate from prior work and the wisdom in how it can be made relevant and applied to your needs. Our aim is to ensure that our clients remain efficient and competitive through the use of technology. What makes us different is that we are intently focused on delivering you the right solution.

Case Study - Justice Organisation
The Electoral Commission
Case Study - Global Aid Consultancy

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