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Service: Development Engineering

Our engineers build software that works, and works well.

We build robust working software in a way that enables rapid, incremental enhancement – vital to organisations that need to react fast.

Using the Scrum methodology we successfully delivered two digital products across a series of sprints to a Government department who needed to replace some obsolete services in a very short space of time.  A continuous integration framework allowed us to pump out incremental improvements without compromising software quality.

A highly skilled team of automation engineers have built for our Central Government client an advanced platform designed to easily on-board new digital services from a multitude of suppliers using containerisation methods based on Kubernetes.  Fully automated deployment and underpinned by a host of monitoring and alerting routines, each service is fully managed from inception.

For a household name in Financial Services we supplied a team of agile developers and automation testers, supported by architecture and identity access management (IdAM) specialists, to develop a bespoke quotation engine that was capable of producing millions of quotations per year.

Whether it is a cloud-based solution running on Azure, the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), on-premise or a hybrid of cloud and on-premise, our experience with open source and open standards helps deliver software faster for clients.
Case Study - Justice Organisation
The Electoral Commission
Case Study - Global Aid Consultancy

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