Driving Digital Transformation

Expertise: Driving Digital Transformation

Everyone is talking about it, not so many are doing it!

We have mastered the art of thinking big and acting fast, focusing our clients on early and continuous ROI.

For a global automotive engineering consultancy we developed a multi-year roadmap with quarterly injections of business benefits.  Investment was managed in smaller parcels, with scope to adjust direction as we delivered.

Our client, a household name in consumer services, wanted to in-source its quotation platform to improve its conversion rates and reduce the cost to serve.  An incremental roll-out by product grouping ensured continuous learning and adaptation.

We transformed the way in which the courts worked in a major European country, moving from paper-based, off-line working to real-time decision support and recording of sentencing decisions.  A new digital experience that created operational efficiencies whilst improving accuracy and speed.

Case Study - Justice Organisation
The Electoral Commission
Case Study - Global Aid Consultancy

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