Case Study

Enable large-scale business transformation through the delivery of digital services

Digital Specialists

About the client

The justice department of one of Europe’s largest countries engaged Triad to supply a range of services in support of a major transformation programme that would enable two large organisations within the department to share information more effectively and in a way which would open up new ways of working across the justice system.

The justice department selected Triad as a key professional services provider to assist the organisation with their digital transformation. Two of the primary client principles for engaging Triad were the company’s experience applying agile processes and Triad’s track record of successful service delivery.

The challenge

To establish a sense of the scale and complexity of enacting digital transformation for the justice department client, it is useful to know that there are approximately 23,000 magistrates, 140 district judges and 170 deputy district judges operating in the roughly 330 magistrates’ courts throughout the country.

The problems to be solved and the processes involved are inherently complex. Not only must justice be delivered in accordance with the law, but the new digital services also need to cope with the sensitivities associated with prosecuting cases, taking account of the needs of victims, defendants and other stakeholders.

The solution

The Solution

To achieve large-scale digital transformation for the justice department required the development of many digital services. In this case study we’ll delve into the Digital Markup Service (DMU). Simply stated, the DMU service is about enabling digital capture of any results taken in a courtroom.

The digital markup service not only enables the justice department to capture information in real time digitally in the courtroom but also efficiently facilitates onward transmission of that information almost immediately into the system of record.

The DMU solution is an elegant browser-based application used in the courtroom by legal advisers to support sentencing and resulting. Its style inherits the best practice principles espoused by Government Digital Services.

The early stage of Triad’s engagement included a comprehensive Agile coaching programme for technical and non-technical staff and some pilot projects. Subsequent work included further product development, platform engineering activities, service design and management, and a provision of a dedicated business analysis service.

The result

As a result of implementing the digital markup service, the justice department is realising a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved accuracy of information
  • Speed of capture and dissemination
  • Potential cost savings through greater efficiency

Development of DMU is just one of several services being delivered by Triad to the justice department that underpin the significant digital transformation programmes, enabling the business to dramatically change the way it works.