Let us facilitate a workshop for you

  • Our workshops include

    • Working with Triad consultants to develop a solution for a digital challenge
    • Up to six representatives from your organisation
    • Facilitation of a 3 hour session bringing clarity to the situation and formulating a way forward
    • A collaborative environment, whereby key challenges are quickly identified and solutions developed
    • Identifying and documenting the next steps required to deliver and succeed

    Our expert consultants have helped clients such as Santander, VWG and Adam Smith International transform their processes and technologies. Popular workshops recently have included strategic roadmapping, technology prioritisation, getting ready for agile and unlocking legacy platforms.

    The offer of a workshop is made entirely at Triad’s discretion.

    Triad are great at turning the very complex into the understandable. Their industry knowledge is very good and this helps turn otherwise abstract architectures into something real and actionable.

    Reg Cox, Delivery Director, GSMA