The Triad Challenge and challenges at Triad. Life after University

Triad is holding its third Triad Challenge with UoN students at our Milton Keynes office from the 22nd-23rd February. The Triad Challenge is an opportunity for final year IT students to meet an IT consultancy and participate in a competition designed to simulate the types of challenges that Triad employees face. It’s also a chance for them to polish up their CVs and, if they are interested, apply for any suitable open roles at the company.

At Triad, we have employed four UoN graduates, and we caught up with them to talk about the Triad Challenge and life at Triad.

Mini biographies:

Jenny Slade-Pedrick joined Triad in November 2019 and currently works as a Business Analyst for the Met Office. It was Jenny’s idea to create the Triad Challenge and she has been instrumental in its success

Rhianna Conway joined Triad in September 2021 and currently works as a Business Analyst for the Department for Transport.

Daria Czajkowska joined Triad in March 2023 and currently works as a Business Analyst for the Office for Product Safety and Standards.

Sabina Muskietorz joined Triad in June 2023 and currently works as a Consultant for the Department for Energy, Security and Net Zero.


Hello. This is our third Triad Challenge. I know that three of you will be representing Triad. What are you most looking forward to?

Daria: Meeting everyone. And seeing how they tackle the challenge. There are so many possible approaches to the same problem. Last time in Sabina’s group, they had a novel approach to interviewing stakeholders, and I thought, “That’s a great idea; I should take that with me.”

Jenny: I’m always impressed by what they can produce in so little time. They are never shy in grasping the problem, approaching and talking to us. I like that interaction.

Rhianna: The Triad challenge allows us to be the stakeholder for once, which is a fun role reversal!

Jenny: When it comes to that, I did feel mean! Last time, one group asked me what my requirements were, and I said, ‘I don’t know’ because, in the real world, you can’t ask your stakeholders that!

Sabina: Ahhhh I’m missing out this time! I can’t make it because I will be away. I’ll be there for the next one!

What advice would you give the UoN IT students ahead of the Triad challenge?

Daria: Ask questions. Be curious. You can never ask too many questions.

Sabina: Don’t overthink the brief, and don’t be tempted to do more than you are asked to do. If you’re asked to use tools like GDS components, or tools or colour schemes, then use them. Don’t invent your own.

Jenny: Enjoy. Have fun. Make the most out of this opportunity. Refine your CV and learn from people who were just like you not so long ago. Adrian Leer, our Managing Director, will be there. That’s a fantastic opportunity to talk to someone who worked as a consultant within Triad before becoming the leader of our business.

What was your experience leaving UoN for Triad? 

Sabina: Joining Triad was easier than studying for my degree because I could learn from everyone in the company. I always thought that people in IT consultancies were super serious and not smiley. But I found that they were super friendly. There are lots of things to learn. Agile was new to me. I’m not sure in that regard that Uni prepares you for, say, Agile and Scrum.

Daria: I agree. I had to adjust to using technical words and TLAs (three-letter acronyms). Sometimes, the same acronym means different things, and that can be confusing. And there is a skill in quickly adapting because each client is different. Knowing Rhianna and Jenny was amazing because I could ask them all these things. There were lots of questions that I fired at them.

Jenny: I left university, went to a different company for 18 months and then joined Triad pre-COVID, at a time when we were not home-based. So, my transition was about learning how to be professional in an office. Everyone was very helpful, accepting and kind.  This event bridges the gap between university and work. It’s only two days, but students get a unique opportunity to operate in a working environment on a real-life brief.

Rhianna: By the time I had finished university, most roles were working from home. It took some getting used to at first, as I had experienced the workplace before and after COVID. I found when joining Triad that everyone was so friendly and happy to help, as remote working was quite new when I started. The Triad Challenge is a great event for bringing people together in person, both in the workplace and from UoN.

What are you up to at Triad?

Daria: I am working on a project at the Office for Product Safety and Standards, helping the team deliver an enquiry case management system, which ultimately protects the British public from potentially dangerous products.

Jenny: I have recently joined our project team at the Met Office. As the national meteorological service for the UK, their mission is to provide critical weather services and world-leading climate science, helping people and organisations make better decisions to stay safe and thrive. And Triad is working on their super-computer to help them achieve this. That’s pretty cool!

Sabina: I am at the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, helping deliver a digital service to encourage the uptake of heat pumps in the UK market as part of the Clean Heat Market Mechanism. This is important in helping the UK become more environmentally friendly, so it’s a great project to be working on. I feel good about it!

Rhianna: I am currently on a project for the Department for Transport. We are upgrading the digital service used to administer The Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation. This obligation aims to decarbonise transport by encouraging the production and use of renewable fuels, causing less harm to the environment. It’s super interesting and rewarding to be a part of something like this!

If you have a question about the Triad challenge or want to speak to any of the Triad team, please contact us here.