A day in the life of a Talent Consultant, by Ben Fowler

Ben Fowler talks about his role as a Talent Consultant and explains why finding new talent can be challenging and how his superpower helps him.

How would you describe your role?

Varied! There is always a mix of tasks that need to be juggled on a daily basis. This includes hunting for the next talented individual to join our team, conducting interviews, facilitating a smooth onboarding process for new team members, or analysing our competitor landscape to give us that competitive edge. My role can be particularly tough in competitive climates. That’s because many of the roles we need to source can be in high demand. Finding really talented people with the skill sets, and the Triad mentality can be a challenge. It takes perseverance and the ability to think creatively.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

There is a lot to like about my role. The variety that the role brings, keeps things interesting. The team that I work alongside makes my job enjoyable too. A rewarding part of my role is contributing directly to the company’s successful growth while seeing talented individuals that I have helped recruit into the business, succeed. This makes a real impact on the success of our projects. I genuinely enjoy and am proud to be part of the Triad family.

Triad’s goal is to transform through technology. Since working for Triad, how have you helped make people’s lives better through technology?

Although I am not involved in client project work, I am indirectly involved in helping people’s lives through technology. My contribution is through helping bring talented individuals into the business, and in turn, they are directly using their valuable skills and expertise to help drive the important projects forward which play a key part in improving the lives of UK citizens.

What’s your superpower?

Getting things done. Delivering. I am happy to just get on and tackle whatever task needs my attention.

Marketing spin aside, what do you think makes Triad different from other IT consultancies?

The people here at Triad help us stand out from the rest. Everyone works in such a collaborative way and there is a real family feel at Triad. We are all rowing in the same direction to make Triad a success. Through my work, I know that we only employ the very best, talented individuals. This makes a massive difference to the quality of work we produce for our clients, and I think that’s a key reason as to why we are chosen by so many clients to carry out important projects for them.

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