A Business Analyst in my shoes, by Jenny Slade-Pedrick

Triad Consultant Jenny Slade-Pedrick explains what she loves about her role and why she loves a laugh!

How would you describe your role?

I’m a business analyst, so a large part of my role is identifying inefficiencies in processes and helping the business become more efficient, save time, and achieve a particular goal they may have. I also work with stakeholders, UX designers, and development teams to ensure technical solutions meet user requirements.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

I most enjoy speaking to so many different people from different walks of life and learning from them and what they do. It’s always fascinating speaking to people and learning about a new topic or area where they have so much knowledge, experience, and expertise. They could have spent their whole career working and building to get to where they are, and I love being part of the team that gets to deliver positive change for them to make their lives easier and, if possible, make the transition from the ‘as-is’ to the ‘to-be’ easy.

Triad’s goal is to transform through technology. Since working for Triad, how have you helped make people’s lives better through technology?

Recently, it’s been with the Department for Business and Trade, helping users process applications to export products out of the UK. I was part of the team that helped create a system so that the users could decide quickly and efficiently and remove many of the duplications they were experiencing. As a result, their workload has improved. We have also implemented the foundations to continue to do that for more applications and different application types.

What’s your superpower?

I think my superpower would be my ability to talk to anyone and everyone. I always try my best to build relationships with the people I work with and try and make them feel more at ease. I always try and make people laugh as well to help them feel relaxed. I think it goes a long way, and I have found that people, especially stakeholders, are more receptive to new ideas, suggestions, or questions when there’s a level of trust.

Marketing spin aside, what do you think makes Triad different from other IT Consultancies?

Definitely the family feel. It always sounds a cliché when people or companies say, “We’re like a family”, but I know most of the people at Triad and could easily sit down with all of them and catch up, chat, and have a good laugh with them. I find everyone so inspiring because they’re all so good at what they do, and it pushes me to keep learning and trying to be better at what I do, too.

I always feel listened to when I raise new ideas, which I enjoy – especially when I’m given the thumbs up to implement the idea.

I love how much of a flat structure we are, and I don’t worry or get scared when I receive an email from Adrian, our MD!

If you have a question for Jenny or the Triad team, please get in touch here.