The software and digital platforms we build for our clients are lean, secure and designed to create an outstanding user experience.

Triad has expertise across all of the major technologies and frameworks meaning that we can build services that suit your business.

Triad’s engineering prowess has been used to power platforms at Home Office and Ministry of Justice, driving automation and efficiency through the use of techniques such as containerisation and continuous integration.

Triad successfully grafted an automated testing framework on to a legacy application for a national client, enabling them to reduce their release cycle from weeks to hours.

Thirty years of software development experience has given our teams practical experience of proprietary technologies often incorporating open source into products and applications. We’ve kept pace with these industry changes and opportunities, while our development capabilities and experience are enhanced by it.  Solving problems is a routine part of our software development service, in which open source plays a major role.

Building software using open source technologies and open standards often keeps technology and maintenance costs down.  This enables clients to benefits from the agility in the services we deliver, the transparency of design decisions made and no vendor lock-in.

Talk to us today about the right development approach for your open source, or proprietary, software development needs.

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