Intelligent Automation

Despite Gartner claiming recently that the worldwide Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software market grew 63% in 2018 and it expects RPA software revenues to reach $1.3 Billion in 2019, many organisations are still failing to deliver even part of the promised benefit from RPA and Intelligent Automation programmes.
At Triad, we firmly believe that Intelligent Automation is worth the effort. Yet we know that what makes a company, team or project a good fit for Intelligent Automation isn’t always obvious.


As trusted third party suppliers with experience in this area, we believe every Intelligent Automation project needs the following:

  • An appropriate and relevant strategy; aligning with and supporting the needs of the wider business, rather than automation for the sake of it;
  • A strong value proposition; clearly articulating the benefits that they can bring to the business and the case for automation;
  • The right skill-sets, being aware that these can change over time as a capability becomes more mature.


Watch an automation in action:

To illustrate how robotic process automation (RPA) can remove repetitive tasks from businesses, Triad took our job posting process and automated it.

The automation starts with the email to confirm that an advert is approved through to posting it on multiple job boards and updating internal logs.

Saving time while reducing the resources used and any errors considerably.


Intelligent Automation as a competitive advantage

Most businesses and Intelligent Automation  / RPA functions won’t have looked beyond the medium-term. At Triad we understand and support leading businesses in thinking further, even as far as what happens when everything suitable has been automated.

  • What is the appropriate way to decommission automations as and when they become redundant?
  • What resource base does the organisation need to keep internally to provide maintenance and support?
  • What can they look at outsourcing to an ITO firm who can provide a managed service?

Finally, the Intelligent Automation landscape is changing, and new tools offer new opportunities. Examples are emerging all the time, and while they bring new avenues to explore they also change the strategy and skills needed to ensure Intelligent Automation is a success. Expert sources include HFS researchForrester and Gartner.


If you’re interested in learning more about Triad’s experience helping organisations achieve their Intelligent Automation or RPA goals or discussing your company’s challenges with an existing project please contact us.

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