An approach to Agile that delivers

The increasingly popular Agile approach to software development and technology project delivery has been used by Triad consultants in countless instances to speed up delivery and increase quality. Not only does it allow flexibility that can reflect changing business needs, it strives to create production-ready deliverables earlier than other methods, thus enabling a more rapid return on investment to occur.

The foundation of an Agile approach is delivering functionality quickly and incrementally enabling early feedback. This reduces the risk, compared with a big bang approach, because the product is being continuously assessed against business needs.

Triad is finding that, with the increased use of Agile, there is a constant demand to impress and improve, rather than simply succeed in the procurement and expect clients to wait and pray that the project delivers months or years into the future.

Agile insists on collaboration to share knowledge and experience, and raises awareness of activities underway for both technology and business teams. From this stems extensive re-use of skills, experience and budget – enabling not only the streamlining of IT processes but also the organisation’s whole approach to change management.

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